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Mattress Safe, Inc.

Do You Need A Bed Bug Box Spring Protector?

Posted by Mattress Safe, Inc. on

Most people don’t like to think about having a problem with bed bugs. It makes us itchy. Typically, we think that since we keep our homes clean and neat we don’t have to worry about something as horrible as bed bugs. But the truth is that all people are at risk for getting a bed bug infestation. Here are a few reasons why we might need to get a bed bug box spring encasement.

Bed Bugs Like to Travel

Even if you keep a clean and immaculate home you can still experience problems with bed bugs if you do not have the proper protection on your mattress and furniture, especially close to where you sleep. Bed bugs can be found all across the world, in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Any time you travel anywhere and stay in a hotel, no matter what the star rating, you risk picking up bed bugs and bringing them home with you. Bed bugs are not only located in low quality motels and dives, they can also be found in the nicest five star resorts. And it's not just travel. They have invaded our public transportation, movie theaters, libraries and even malls. Nothing is off limit to these diabolical parasites. It is impossible to know where bed bugs might be lurking and when they might hitch a ride home with you...and you won't know until it's too late.

Bed Bugs Like People

Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers (way more subtle than the most seasoned hippies in San Francisco back in '68) and great at traveling back from places with people undetected. They can travel back to your home with you from hotel rooms, airplanes, cruise ships, dorm rooms, and trains. Once they have found a good food source they won't give it up easily. This is why it is important to protect your mattresses, box springs and furniture from bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Are Excellent at Hiding

Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals while they sleep at night and then they hide in the cracks of mattresses, box springs, sheets, bedding and sometimes even under wall paper during the day to hide and escape detection while their meal ticket is out of bed. Getting a cover for just the top mattress is important, but not good because the bed bugs also hides in the box spring and come up to feed at night. Yes...they commute. For this reason, this is why you need to purchase a bed bug box spring encasement to make sure these bothersome pests do not cause you or your family distress or harm and sleepless nights.

Don’t Wait Until it is Too Late

You don’t want to wait until after you already have an infestation of bed bugs before you do something to safeguard your mattresses and your family. Protect your mattresses before it is loo late.