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Give Your Baby A Safe Place To Sleep With A Crib Mattress Protector

Posted by Mattress Safe, Inc. on

When you are expecting a baby, there are a lot of things that need to be done to make your home a safe and protective place. While a woman is pregnant, it is easy to keep the baby safe and protected. But after the baby is born, there are many things that have to be done to ensure the baby has a safe and comfortable place to sleep and rest. One of the best investments any new parent can get for their baby is a crib mattress protector.

Babies Are Messy

It is a fact of nature that babies are very messy, very tiny little people. They spit up and throw up, wet through their diapers and clothes, and they have blow out poop explosions on a fairly regular basis. These are the situations which nightmares are made. Although your little bundle is sweet and precious, they can ruin a good mattress if it does not have the proper protection. But there is hope, a solution if you will, to the heinous messes such a small, adorable, giggling little angel gifts you with at 3 am. And the answer comes in the form of a waterproof crib mattress protector. As simple as it is, this invaluable piece of breathable, moisture wicking, waterproof fabric will ensure that the mattress that your baby sleeps on stays clean and sanitary.

Some Things to Consider

There are a few things you will want to consider when you are shopping for a crib mattress protector . After all, this is your new joy for living, and your precious bundle deserves the best.

  • Waterproof – This is one of the most important aspects to consider. In order to have true protection for a mattress, the cover has to be waterproof to keep out any moisture and bacteria. The encasement helps to ensure the mattress lasts a long time. 
  • Comfortable – While it is true that babies can sleep in the most unusual positions... (you know like butts up, headstand in the corner, and somehow in weird yoga-like poses) you will want to make sure that the mattress cover that you get for their crib is soft and comfortable. Crib mattress protectors by Mattress Safe are soft, breathable, and moisture wicking for maximum comfort; after all, the better your baby sleeps, the better you sleep and the happier everyone will be. 
  • Safe – The mattress cover that you choose needs to provide a protective barrier for your baby against mold, bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens that could make it hard for your baby to breathe comfortably.
  • Fire Safe – a good mattress protector will be fire retardant. 
  • Complete Protection – getting a mattress cover that just fits over the top of the mattress is not good enough. In order to get complete protection, a mattress cover must encase the entire mattress and zip up to provide total and safe coverage. A totally encased mattress eliminates the risk of entanglement and suffocation; and, in the horrible case of bed bugs, a bed bug certified crib mattress protector will keep those pests out of your baby's mattress.

There are a lot of things to plan for when you are expecting a baby. You have countless hours to look forward to choosing baby names and nursery themes. While you focus on making plans for your future president, major leaguer, or poet laureate, let Mattress Safe protect your mattress for the precious little person that will be sleeping on it for years to come. In all the preparations, make sure that you provide your baby with the best mattress cover you can to ensure that he or she gets a safe and healthy rest every time you lay them in their crib.