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How to get rid of bed bugs?

Bed Bugs on Mattress
Bed Bugs on Mattress

Do not underestimate bed bugs. Bed bug infestations take a lot of knowledge, experience, time and effort to eliminate. We strongly recommend calling a pest control professional immediately to address an infestation before it spreads further.

There are no shortcut to getting rid of bed bugs. If caught early enough, it can be a fairly easy matter to fix. However, the normal experience is that once a person notices that she/he has bed bugs, the problem can be advanced such that significant inspection and control work is necessary to rid the property of bed bugs. The control and treatment work needs to be very thorough to assure that no bed bugs can escape the control program and the property can be rendered “bed bug free”.

It is possible is possible to eliminate a bed bug infestation yourself, but it takes a lot of work, knowledge and experience expended over an extended period of time. Most folks are much better off leaving bed bug control to a competent pest professional.

Hiring a good exterminator | 1:59

Hiring a good pest management company

There are thousands of pest management companies in the United States but only a few specialize in bed bug control. The bed bug problem is growing in the United States and, as a result, the pest management industry is becoming increasingly effective at handling bed bug problems. Currently, there are pest management professional companies doing “state of the art” efficacious bed bug work at fees as high as about $500 per room. At the end of the day, if you have a bed bug problem, you want to hire a professional company that does professional work and stands behind their work. A good bed bug company will have a sound bed bug management program that includes:

What to do after a bed bug treatment

Be careful to utilize all the preventative techniques and follow the directions provided to you by your pest management professional. Maintain a heighten level of vigilance during the time of your treatment process to enhance the results of the bed bug control program.

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Mattress Safe® Product Features | Video (1:52)
The Mattress Safe® product collection includes quality mattress and box spring encasements and protectors for any bed in your home. Featuring our soft luxurious fabric, Mattress Safe® encasements are bed bug certified to protect against bed bugs. Mattress Safe® products are waterproof, breathable, fire retardant, and soft to the touch.


Easy Care and Installation Instructions | Video (0:56)
Products by Mattress Safe® are used daily around the world for bed bug protection, allergy relief and waterproof protection. Mattress Safe® products are handmade of long-lasting materials that stretch to fit. Our products are specially designed for ease of installation. Installation instructions are provided with each product.


Why Mattress Safe® Is Bed Bug Certified | Video (1:13)
Mattress Safe® mattress protectors and encasements are your first line of defense against bed bugs, fluids, stains, bacteria and mold. Mattress Safe® encasements are the only products on the market that are bed bug certified. Don't settle for lesser encasements that claim "bed bug protection". Get the proven gold standard: Mattress Safe® Bed Bug Certified.