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Mattress Safe, Inc.


Mary F.  |  Columbus, OH

After picking up bed bugs while traveling, I purchased the NiteSafe® Sleep System from Mattress Safe®. I just love sleeping in it. I sleep like a log knowing that I can't be bitten. I'm very pleased with it and I would recommend it to anybody. You have done a wonderful service to everybody. I want to congratulate your designers for coming up with this product.

Kayla Irwin  |  Assistant Manager - Guest Inn, Ardmore, OK

We bought all new mattresses for our motel and decided to research ways to protect our investment. I came across an ad in a hotel magazine for Mattress Safe® and called to get information. The gentleman I spoke with was very informative and I was impressed enough with the information to give them a try. Our hotel has 125 rooms, so we decided to try them out on all of our downstairs rooms first. Our order was shipped promptly. We have had two things happen since purchase that made us very happy that we decided to go with this company.

The first thing was a guest got careless with a cigarette and burned a hole through our bedspread, top and bottom sheets, and the mattress pad but it did not burn our mattress thanks to Mattress Safe® The second thing was an upstairs room flooded into the room below it. Once again, thanks to Mattress Safe®, while the linen got soaked, the mattress did not. The customer service has been excellent as well as the product. We were so pleased, we recently ordered Mattress Safe® for the rest of the hotel.

Thank you for your excellent product.

Paul J. Bello  |  PJB Pest Management Consulting, LLC.

Bed bugs are a serious pest that are difficult to get rid of. They require a comprehensive control program carried out by competent pest management professionals. An important part of a successful control program includes the use of high quality mattress and box spring covers such as those available from Mattress Safe®.

While these products alone do not eliminate bed bugs, installing these encasement covers eliminates prime hiding places associated with the mattresses and box spring where bed bugs normally hide and breed. The benefits of using these covers include the immediate elimination of bed bug harborage sights, they make follow up bed bug inspections more effective and it allows people to save money because they can avoid having to discard their beds and sleep on their existing beds with confidence.

Lucy Hill  |  Chesapeake, VA

The Sofcover® Superior Mattress Protector has been most useful as I have rental property and because of the water repellent fabrics, it protects and keeps the mattress in good condition. I also like that the fabric is soft to the touch.

Amanda Mansfield  |  Greenville, SC

We were immediately impressed with the quality of your Sofcover® Classic Mattress Protector. I like the way that it goes on the nice and easy. It "fits good and it feels good". And it's pretty too!

Andrea Stock  |  Lansdowne, VA

My 3 year old daughter had a terrible accident one night. Somehow her sheets were covered from head to toe! I didn't know it could get that bad! Thankfully, I had the Sofcover® Simplistic Mattress Protector on her bed, which completely protected the mattress. All I did was change the sheets, and it was as if it had never happened.

Tonya Cox  |  Atlanta, GA

I purchased a $79.00 mattress pad from a retail store that was believed to be water resistant. My son wet the bed, and his mattress was stained! Thankfully, I found the Sofcover® Simplistic Mattress Protector for a fraction of the price, and now I have full protection from any accidents! Thank you Mattress Safe®!!

Mattress Safe® Quality You Can Trust... Service You Deserve®


Mattress Safe® Product Features | Video (1:52)
The Mattress Safe® product collection includes quality mattress and box spring encasements and protectors for any bed in your home. Featuring our soft luxurious fabric, Mattress Safe® encasements are bed bug certified to protect against bed bugs. Mattress Safe® products are waterproof, breathable, fire retardant, and soft to the touch.


Easy Care and Installation Instructions | Video (0:56)
Products by Mattress Safe® are used daily around the world for bed bug protection, allergy relief and waterproof protection. Mattress Safe® products are handmade of long-lasting materials that stretch to fit. Our products are specially designed for ease of installation. Installation instructions are provided with each product.


Why Mattress Safe® Is Bed Bug Certified | Video (1:13)
Mattress Safe® mattress protectors and encasements are your first line of defense against bed bugs, fluids, stains, bacteria and mold. Mattress Safe® encasements are the only products on the market that are bed bug certified. Don't settle for lesser encasements that claim "bed bug protection". Get the proven gold standard: Mattress Safe® Bed Bug Certified.