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Five Myths about Bed Bugs

Posted by Mattress Safe, Inc. on

Bed bugs have been a growing problem in recent years as the pests make a comeback. Part of the reason for the increase number of bed bug infestations in hotels, resorts, and homes across America is globalization. More people travel internationally today than they did in the past. As such, problems with bed bugs in other countries are now resurging in the United States. This tends to lead to myths about bed bugs that are not entirely accurate or true:

  1. Bed bugs migrate to new areas by flying: Bed bugs do not have wings and do not fly by themselves. However, they do enjoy flying on commercial airlines in people’s luggage, bags, and clothing.
  2. Bed bugs only come out at night: While bed bugs are nocturnal pests, they will eat whenever they get hungry. Keeping the lights on in a room will not deter the pests from feeding.
  3. Bed bugs only bite humans: Bed bugs need blood to survive and will obtain it from any warm blooded mammal, including cats, dogs, and birds.
  4. Bed bugs only live in beds: The reason these pests are called bed bugs is that this is where they are the most prevalent; actually, bed bugs can live anywhere in the home, such as in furniture, carpeting, and cabinets. Bed bugs also live in public places, such as trains, buses, and movie theaters.
  5. Bed bug barrier bedding stops infestations: Bed bug and dust mite encasements are beneficial for controlling and managing bed bug infestations. They trap live bed bugs that are in the mattress and create a barrier between you and the pests. In addition, if you currently do not have a bed bug problem, they stop the bed bugs from getting into your mattress and box spring

If you have bed bug problem in your home, bed bug and hypoallergenic mattress covers only help address problems in the bedrooms. Before putting the encasement around your mattress and box springs, make sure to vacuum thoroughly to suck up any eggs, larva, and bed bugs. Don't forget to seal and destroy the bag. By using the encasement, any bed bugs you missed will end up starving to death eventually and prevent you from having to toss out the mattress, box spring and get a new one.

Further, you still need to resolve bed bug infestations elsewhere in the home. The easiest way to do this is by diligent cleaning on a daily basis. Vacuum, damp dust, damp mop, and clean every room in the home. Additionally, wash bedding one to two times a week on the hottest wash cycles possible. Do not forget to also wash your pets’ favorite blankets and bedding.

There is no reason to waste money on bed bug bombs and over the counter pesticides, as they are not effective. Over the years, bed bugs have built up immunity to the chemicals used in off-the-shelf pesticides. For extremely serious infestations, it is better to contact a professional pest exterminator. For more information about bed bug encasements and barrier bedding products, feel free to contact Mattress Safe® today by phoning 770-205-5335 or visiting