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Mattress Safe, Inc.

Yes! Mattress Safe® encasements are hypoallergenic

Mattress Safe® allergy bedding relief products have been thoroughly tested and certified. They provide your first line of defense against dust mites, mold, bacteria and other allergens with non-allergenic encasements for your mattresses, box springs, and pillows.

How Allergen Barrier Encasements Work

Allergic reactions are caused when we inhale the dust mite allergen, or more specifically the protein found in their feces and body remnants, which can be as small as 10 micrometers (or microns) in size.

Hypoallergenic mattress encasements
Breath easier with an allergen barrier encasement.

Dust mites living within the mattress and pillow are trapped when the encasement is applied. Because they are blocked from their food source (our dead skin cells), they eventually die. With a fabric pore size of less than 0.01 microns, mold, bacteria and dust mite allergens are completely blocked by the hypoallergenic mattress cover.

Mold, bacteria and dust mite allergens are completely blocked by the hypoallergenic mattress cover

You and your family are protected from developing an allergic reaction from breathing in these allergens. Routine cleaning and maintenance of the allergy mattress covers will ensure the removal of any additional allergens landing on the outside of the protector while preventing the introduction of new dust mite harborage within the interior of the mattress or pillow.

What is Allergy Bedding?

Allergy bedding, also referred to a dust mite bedding, is specifically designed to prevent dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores and other allergens from infesting your bed by acting as a physical barrier between you and the allergen.

Allergy relief mattress protectors differ from standard mattress covers. Not all mattress protection products are made equally. Dust mites and other common household allergens are so tiny that they can easily slip through the pores between the thread of normal bedding fabrics. Only specially designed fabrics with a pore size small enough to prevent the transfer of dust mites and their allergens through the fabric itself can be certified as allergy bedding. When cut off from their food supply dust mites are subjected to starvation and quickly die, preventing their spread.

Dust mites and other common household allergens are so tiny that they can easily slip through the pores between the thread of normal bedding fabrics.

The laminated fabric of Mattress Safe® Sofcover® allergy mattress protectors and encasements is certified to provide allergy relief. The "Classic" mattress protector, "Simplistic" mattress cover, PillowSafe® covers and "Superior" mattress encasement each offer consumers protection from dust mites, allergens, mold and bacteria. Mattress Safe® "Ultimate" total mattress encasement offers extra protection on all six sides for those extreme allergy issues, and allows the option of flipping the mattress. When combined with Mattress Safe® "Simplistic" Overlay consumers can keep their mattress protected while removing the topper for laundering or when maintenance is required.

Compared to standard hypoallergenic mattress covers and protectors, Mattress Safe® smooth Sofcover® fabric offers a variety of advantages:

About Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic, sightless, eight-legged arthropods that are natural inhabitants of indoor environments. House dust mites, due to their very small size (250 to 300 microns in length) and translucent bodies, are not visible to the unaided eye. Of the many species of mites only a few are known to bite humans. The common house dust mites do not bite, instead they consume minute particles of organic matter.

Dust Mite
Dust Mite: Dermatophagoides farinae Hughes

These pests are found throughout the house and thrive in high humidity and in areas where human dander is located such as mattresses, pillows, bed covers, upholstered furniture and carpeting. Their droppings break down to an extremely fine powder and stick to these indoor materials. In fact, you may be sharing your bed with up to one million dust mites, which could be triggering your allergic reactions.

Dust mites can be found in mattresses, pillows, bed covers, upholstered furniture and carpeting

Allergy treatment professionals recommend allergen barrier encasements for your bedding as your first line of defense for dust mite allergies and asthma. Encasing your mattress, box spring, and pillows protects you from inhaling allergens that become airborne from your body's movement in bed.

Tips to Minimize Dust Mite Exposure*:

*Source: American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology

Mattress Safe® Quality You Can Trust... Service You Deserve®

Mattress Safe® Product Features | Video (1:52)
The Mattress Safe® product collection includes quality mattress and box spring encasements and protectors for any bed in your home. Featuring our soft luxurious fabric, Mattress Safe® encasements are bed bug certified to protect against bed bugs. Mattress Safe® products are waterproof, breathable, fire retardant, and soft to the touch.

Easy Care and Installation Instructions | Video (0:56)
Products by Mattress Safe® are used daily around the world for bed bug protection, allergy relief and waterproof protection. Mattress Safe® products are handmade of long-lasting materials that stretch to fit. Our products are specially designed for ease of installation. Installation instructions are provided with each product.

Why Mattress Safe® Is Bed Bug Certified | Video (1:13)
Mattress Safe® mattress protectors and encasements are your first line of defense against bed bugs, fluids, stains, bacteria and mold. Mattress Safe® encasements are the only products on the market that are bed bug certified. Don't settle for lesser encasements that claim "bed bug protection". Get the proven gold standard: Mattress Safe® Bed Bug Certified.