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Mattress Safe, Inc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, waterproof yet breathable products to protect your mattress from bed bugs, dust mites, spills, mold and bacteria. We specialize in both consumer and commercial applications throughout the US and internationally.

Why Mattress Safe®

Mattress Safe® provides you with bed bug certified, waterproof mattress and box spring encasements. Our unique, state-of-the-art products are the best way to protect a mattress set that should last for years. All products are waterproof, breathable, non-allergenic and fire retardant. All are made from our luxurious Sofcover® fabric that is soft to the touch while conforming to fit any mattress.

Mattress Safe® has a variety of styles to meet your individual needs. This low maintenance product will not attract lint or hair. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth or vacuum periodically. Wash and dry in moderate temperature. 

Sofcover® Mattress Protectors Features:

  • Bed Bug Certified: Penetration and escape tested by Entomologists and tested with live bed bugs.
  • Fire Retardant: Passed the Cigarette Burn Test CFR Title 16 Part 1632
  • Waterproof: Lightweight waterproof barrier does not allow water to penetrate to the mattress.
  • Breathable: Allows air to flow while wicking moisture away from the body. Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Hypoallergenic: Our hypoallergenic mattress cover keeps dust mites and other allergens from penetrating into the mattress or pillows.
  • Easy Care: Washes like a sheet and dries quickly with regular or permanent press cycle setting.
  • Plus+ Advantage Flexible Fit: Stretches to fit many different depths and lengths. Will not compromise the comfort of your pillow top or memory foam mattress
  • Easy Installation and Removal


The First Encasements to Achieve Bed Bug Certification

Bed Bug infestations are a major problem that has increased in occurrence over the past decade. The monetary and psychological costs arising from these pests can cause extreme financial burdens to home owners and businesses alike.

Mattress Safe® provides certified bed bug covers for mattresses and box spring encasements to protect your family as well as your bedding investment. A bed bug mattress cover is an important weapon in protecting your mattress, box spring, and bedding during a bed bug treatment program.

Mattress Safe® Bed Bug Certified Mattress Encasements:

  • Help to eliminate bed bug hiding spots
  • Address early detection of bed bug infestation
  • Protect and recover your expensive bedding investment
  • Stop bed bugs from escaping

A bed bug certified encasement creates a barrier between the mattress and person sleeping on it. Mattress Safe® laminated “Superior” or “Ultimate” encasement will not allow bed bugs to enter, escape or bite through the encasement. Used as a prevention tool or during a treatment program, a certified bed bug mattress cover is safe, eco-friendly, and provides non-chemical protection.

Bed Bug Hiding Spots

Bed Bug Certified Mattress & Box Spring Protectors Eliminate the Primary Hiding Spots of Bed Bugs

Mattress Encasements must remain on the mattress for 18 months or longer during bed bug treatments. This lengthy quarantine period is due to the fact that bed bugs can live for 1 1/2 years without feeding. Mattress Safe® offers the unique “Duo” Protection System consisting of the “Superior” or “Ultimate” Total Mattress Encasement plus the “Simplistic” Overlay Topper with corner anchor bands, thus enabling the removal of the topper for laundering or when maintenance is required.

The “Duo” Protection System provides an extra layer of comfort and with the “Ultimate” mattress encasement, it also allows the option of flipping the mattress anytime during the quarantine period.

Mattress Safe® Quality You Can Trust... Service You Deserve®

Mattress Safe® Product Features | Video (1:52)
The Mattress Safe® product collection includes quality mattress and box spring encasements and protectors for any bed in your home. Featuring our soft luxurious fabric, Mattress Safe® encasements are bed bug certified to protect against bed bugs. Mattress Safe® products are waterproof, breathable, fire retardant, and soft to the touch.

Easy Care and Installation Instructions | Video (0:56)
Products by Mattress Safe® are used daily around the world for bed bug protection, allergy relief and waterproof protection. Mattress Safe® products are handmade of long-lasting materials that stretch to fit. Our products are specially designed for ease of installation. Installation instructions are provided with each product.

Why Mattress Safe® Is Bed Bug Certified | Video (1:13)
Mattress Safe® mattress protectors and encasements are your first line of defense against bed bugs, fluids, stains, bacteria and mold. Mattress Safe® encasements are the only products on the market that are bed bug certified. Don't settle for lesser encasements that claim "bed bug protection". Get the proven gold standard: Mattress Safe® Bed Bug Certified.